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Initially, the company of Pottery Van der Cruyssen-Janssen was located in Melle, where exclusively terracotta pots were produced for the horticulture sector in Belgium.

Due to the growing use of plastic pots, multiple models and shapes were developed, as well as a bigger focus on export. So the company was able to survive as the sole Belgian producer.

VDC Ceramics today

As the company grew, we opted for a relocation to an industrial site, this alongside the already acquired clay guarry in Maldegem-Kleit.

A completely new production line was launched, in accordance with the most modern technologies, attuned to innovative products used in several European countries and thus VDC Ceramics Factory was born.

VDC Ceramics, the Belgian producer

Our company is locatd in Maldegem-Kleit, the sole Belgian producer of ceramics.

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